Диджит Ди

День рождения:
5 Мая 1995 26 лет
Семейное положение:
показать подробную информацию скрыть подробную информацию

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Nanotechnology, electronics, books, new innovations.
О себе
Hello! My name is Digit, I live in Pixieville. I am 17 years.
I PopPixie nanotechnology. My fairy Tecna very smart, beautiful and kind girl. I was very lucky when we met in a chat corresponded. I think it is a wonderful friend! I also love my friends: Cherrie, Chatta, Lockette, Caramel, Lia and etc.
I have a close friend, his name is Fixit. We often help each other, because I sometimes (SOMETIMES) do not do the job. He was very responsive and clever.

I love learning, at the moment I'm finishing 11th grade.
I do not want to leave the school, honestly. My mother's name is Trina, dad — Cole. Thank you for your time.
Since you were a Digit. This is a small excerpt from my biography.