Misha Castiel - the Angel of God Collins

День рождения:
20 Августа 1974 47 лет
Семейное положение:
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О себе
Actor, baker, candlestick maker
12 hours left to join this campaign and get a shot at meeting the cast of Supernatural in Hawaii!! Get on it! http://www.creationstands.com/products/jensen-misha-you-are-not-alone-campaign?variant=11468594049
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I just got an update from @randomActsOrg. We have had 8500 people sign up to volunteer 4 the crisis support network. Amazing. @JensenAckles
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Guys we are all live streaming on fb right now. I guess that means we are crossing streams.
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You know how they did that slide to Amara? I stood on a rug and they pulled it across the floor. High tech special effects! #Supernatural
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