Victoria Lee

Victoria Made in Russia Lee

C Новым Годом Всех!:)
День рождения:
20 Октября 1997 24 года
Семейное положение:
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Личная информация


My favorite subject is science :) Favorite sport of basketball! My role model and favorite actress Rachel McAdams:) My favorite band Paramore! I'm a big fan of Johnny Depp :) I love cheerleading, surfing and skateboarding! My favorite shoes Converse!
О себе

My favorite ice cream: "DAD" and "Rocky Road", with lots of almonds, chocolate and marshmallow:)
I like to use pseudonyms: I do not know how to play [bowling], but I think it's really fun. I like to call a different name "people from the screen, such as Princess Fancypants or Cheryl Cole!
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